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“EDUCATING THE MIND WITHOUT EDUCATING HEART IS NO EDUCATION AT ALL" I have always found schools to be exciting and enriching places for both children and adults. Upon entering any school, we immediately begin assessing how the school "feels" long before we are aware of what it can offer us as students and parents. Nowadays education seems to be contemplated from new eyes, free from baggage of yesterday’s characterization. CT WORLD School is a school of ‘New Thought and Difference’. By emphasizing on development of students, we have made an aesthetically sound campus by adapting European style infrastructure and education. We are focusing on physical activeness of students; thus, we have introduced professional standard sports education of games like Archery, Shooting and professional mini-golf course. We are creating environment that encourages innovative and permissive thinking, where a child is free to ask fundamental question, scrutinize and learn. I can proudly say that CT WORLD SCHOOL is the right place where an atmosphere of peace, freedom, care and security is created in which children are encouraged to enlarge their horizons. We are confident that we offer a safe and happy school with a highest standard of education and care. The recent education system is providing best of the overall education to the children that include not only studies but extra-curricular activities and sports. I truly believe that if I could rewind to my childhood, such a place would’ve been my dream to be at and I would never leave such an opportunity.

Mr. Harpreet Singh