About CT world

Academic Excellence

Our overarching vision is to make education a fun filled enjoyable learning and growing experience on the solid foundation of values. Our school will be distinctive-
"A world school with an Indian soul."

The academic programme at the school is based on ICA (International Curriculum Approach) and CBSE board. Approach to learning at CT World School is unique. Every student‘s exclusive learning style is accommodated in the curriculum. As against the traditional centric classroom model, our classrooms will be learning labs where children will learn by the way of enquiry, exploration, questioning, debate, application, challenge. It is the happy learning that will echo in the premises of CT World School.

Vibrant Campus

Spread over a verdant, picturesque and hi-tech campus of 4.5 acres in an unpolluted, inspiring and happy environment the school offers the best in terms of World Class facilities required to enhance learning outcomes. The purpose of such design is to create an open environment, where generations to come would be happy to learn and build themselves. The academic blocks, air conditioned and smart classrooms, vast sports fields, resource rooms, (wing wise) separate studios for performing and fine arts, multistoried library, fitness centre for students, open air theater, auditorium, infirmary and spacious and hygienic dining hall form functional clusters of care and safety.

Sports and Fitness

CT WORLD SCHOOL offers a unique learning environment for those looking to combine Academic Excellence with a focus on Sporting Achievement and Careers in Sports. Exposing our very young enthusiasts to the basics of games and sports, the school offers special fields, courts and surfaces in Golf, Football, Basketball, Archery, Shooting, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Skating, Gymnastics, Yoga, Swimming and Rock Climbing.

Climate for Enquiry

At CT World School we are committed to educating young learners to meet life as a whole. Academic excellence is absolutely necessary, but equal important is give to an ongoing enquiry into the way we live our daily lives. In the secure and friendly surroundings of CT World School, our students are encouraged to reflect on their own thoughts, feelings and actions.

Creativity and Innovation

"We truly succeed when creativity is set free."

Separate and dedicated Studios for Performing and Fine arts, Sculpture, Photography skills, Theatre, Music ( with Recording studio) and Dance offer ample opportunities to the learners to respond, perform and excel in various fields. It nurtures student’s ability in co-operation, co-ordination, organization and leadership which prepares them for future challenges.

Positive Education

Positive Education works on the principle that the skills and mindsets that promote positive emotions, engagement, relationships and accomplishments, ultimately promote learning and academic success. At CT World School we embrace the ideas and practices of positive education. We strive to support and motivate our students to develop their strength and learn from challenges and complexities and to develop positive relationships as their foundation for learning.

A Personalized Approach

We are committed to cater and support the individual needs of each student, while encouraging them to achieve their personal best. It involves each student reflecting his/her personal strengths and putting in place development goals. Ours is a place of learning where not only academics, but other special subjects and skills are also taught to students from the drums to football, from dance to drama, from confidence building to life skills building.